Manip international n°1 [English]

Manip International [English] #1
Un numéro entièrement en anglais (existe aussi en espagnol) pour faire connaître notre publication et plus généralement, un échantillon des actions et réflexions qui animent notre art.

MANIP is a professional magazine published by THEMAA (the National Association of Puppet Theatres and Associated Arts), which is the French core of UNIMA. The magazine gives a true and lively image of puppet companies and numerous field workers; approaches questions about differ- ent professions; widens debate and discussion on cultural issues; echoes ideas from gatherings and organized workshops; and heeds other matters.
Since 2005, THEMAA has published four times a year this magazine, which has an important role in providing information and reflection on an entire profession. Thematic off-prints complete the collection publishing its 44th issue today.
We thought it could be interesting to share a selection of our articles with a professional cir- cle beyond borders, and to translate them into English and Spanish in order to make them more accessible. The portrayed themes cer- tainly speak for the French reality, nevertheless they join a wider range of concerns regarding the contemporary reality of puppetry arts and their influence.
This first opus will undoubtedly allow an exchange and will perhaps provoke other similar initiatives in return…
We hope you enjoy reading.
Lucile Bodson, Greta Bruggeman, Veronika Door
Elected representatives for France at UNIMA